About Us

Alpaca Threadz all started on the idea to support local Andean cultures amongst the 2020 pandemic that swept the globe. LeAnn and Brandon also the owners of an adventure travel company, were forced to put their thriving travel business on hold in March of 2020, their energy shifted to finding a way to support the communities that had also been impacted by the shutdown of tourism, which was the main source of income for these textile communities in Peru and Ecuador. From this Alpaca Threadz was born. 

Alpaca Threadz is a fair trade and ethical company seeking to support Andean Artisan communities who handcraft alpaca wool blankets, clothing and accessories in remote regions of Ecuador and Peru. We connect clients & retailers around the world interested in connecting with and creating social progress for these indiginous people. Through this connection, Alpaca Threadz aims to support this amazing culture and preserve the production of these textiles and the tradition of utilizing the highest grade fibers on the planet that can only come from Alpacas. 

Additionally, Alpaca Threadz gives back an additional 10% of profits back to these local families to provide support to keep these localized businesses running. Setting a trajectory of growth for these small artisan communities and families. 

We guarantee that these alpaca wool threads that are woven into high quality products will be one of your most treasured items, and we stand by our products and artisans.

Alpaca Threadz - Peruvian with alpaca



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